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@Libitum is a truly unique organisation that defines its own category in the space of Singapore's private music education.
What sets us apart is the uniquely
high qualifications of our instructors
(Bachelor of music and higher) and
the special approach to teaching that
grows out of the traditional Russian system. 
Every teacher's personality and approach is unique but also deeply rooted in the Russian school of music education. All our teachers have at the minimum a bachelors degree in music performance and are therefore drawing on decades of personal experience to provide every student with a truly unique insight at any level of ability.

Group Classes 

Our group classes are designed to prepare beginners with special programmes to jump start progress to mastery in an atmosphere of fun competitiveness.

Introduction to variable music rhythms, solfege singing, music instrumental playing

(including violin, piano and percussion)

Learning through games and active listening of classical music.

Age group:

2.5 -5yrs old

Friday: 4.30-5.30pm

Saturday: 11.30-12.30pm

Master Keys is 2 year programme for kids between 5-7yrs old with minimal or no prior musical training. Children learn piano and fundamentals of music through games and team work.

Age group

5-7yrs old

Thursday: 5.30-6.30pm

Sunday: 12.30-1.30pm

Nothing else stimulates learning like playing music in a group of peers. Lets make music together!

Age group:

6-14yrs old

(Audition is required)

Every Sunday: 2.30-4pm

We are not copying or using templates! It's all about imagination, open mind and a personal style.


1:00-2.15pm - age: 3-5yrs old

2.30-5:00pm - age 6-10 yrs


1:00-2.30 pm - age 6-10yrs old

Individual Classes for All Levels

Our main instruments of specialization have individual programmes designed to prepare students from beginner level for all grades and are also available for advanced students up to diploma level.
Trinity College London
With our own @Libitum quartet as well as solo performers associated with us, we organize concerts and events at our studio and beyond. We want to bring down the barrier between performers and audience and communicate the language of music to everyone regardless of their background. In our signature chamber concerts, we introduce our audience to the music that we perform 
through stories and anecdotes of the lives of great composers and the times they lived in.
Meet the Violin
Music Through the Ages
With its long history, deep cultural impact and immense educational value - the world of classical music has the potential to change lives. Along with the National Art Council's Arts Education Programme (NAC-AEP) 2017-2018, @Libitum's mission is to bring this unique experience to schools and kindergartens across Singapore.
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